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H.S. Die & Engineering is committed to being a full-service mold manufacturing organization, from part feasibility to on-site support of tooling start-up at customer locations. We are often involved with many of our customers at an early stage in the product development process, from reviewing the clays in the studios, and maintaining a channel of communication, through to PPAP.


All part data received by us is reviewed for grain draft issues as well as feasibility for mold actions and shut off conditions. H.S. Die & Engineering is committed to providing its customers with a proactive dialog to alleviate part concerns as well as issues pertaining to mold integrity. Molds are literally an extension of the injection molding machine, with integral water, hydraulic, electrical, and other mechanical systems. Today’s molds must match each customer’s individual clamping QMC systems. H.S. Die & Engineering is ISO 9001:2015. See the attached quality policy here.


H.S. Die & Engineering is actively involved in training its employees in the latest ISO standards, tooling, techniques, and software, as well as customers with regular seminars in: “Basic Mold Theory” and “Injection Mold Preventive Maintenance.” Being a leader in the mold manufacturing industry would not be possible without the skilled craftsmanship and dedication of H.S. Die & Technology’s over 200 employees. Whether it be during product feasibility, or initial launch at its customers’ facilities, H.S. Die & Engineering’s team members will be involved to help facilitate the process.


H.S. Die & Engineering has long been at the forefront of machine tool and machining practice technology, by making major investments in these areas as well as actively researching and developing new techniques and tooling. H.S. Die’s commitment to new technology and manufacturing practices began in 1978 with a major investment in computerized design and machining capabilities. Being one of the first in the industry to utilize CAD/CAM technology, H.S. Die & Engineering has since been at the forefront of development and deployment of design and programming software.


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